OFC Pineapple


Thumb Rules

Number of players: 2-3

Card Type: 52 card deck excluding jokers.

Basics: Each player is edalth thriteen card - three cards in the front hand, five in the middle hand and 5 cards in the backhand. To win, players have to earn more units than the rest by winning more hands and earning royalties. 

Things to remember

> Once the game begins, no new player can join the game.

> The number of hands is equal to the number of players in a game, except in the following scenarios:

- If all players, except for one, lose all their chips, the game ends.

- An additional hand will be played, if any one of the players gets Fantasy Land. Also, there can be any number of rounds of Fantasy Land in a game.

Stages of OFC Pineapple
The game begins like Open Face, where each player is dealt five cards - this is called 1st street.  Each stage where cards are dealt is called a Street.
So in 1st street, 5 cards are dealt. After which, each player lays out his/her 5 cards in boxes. The game is open. So all players can see each others’ cards. After laying out his/her cards, player clicks the Ready button.
Hereafter, each player is dealt three cards at a time, where they discard one, by clicking the Discard button. Once a card is discarded, the other two cards open up. Cards are dealt in the following way


In 2nd street, 3 cards are dealt (1 is discarded)
In 3rd street, 3 cards are dealt (1 is discarded)
In 4th street, 3 cards are dealt (1 is discarded)
In 5th street, 3 cards are dealt (1 is discarded)
After the 5th Street, each player lays out 13 cards in the boxes.
Each player has to lay out his/her cards into 3 boxes in the following sequence:
- Front hand - the upper box of 3 cards ( The weakest hand )
They could be: three of a kind, one pair, high card as long as stronger combinations are formed with no less than 4 cards.
- Middle hand - the middle box of 5 cards ( Medium strength hand )
- Back hand - the lower box of 5 cards ( The strongest hand )
Remember: The back hand must always be stronger than or equal to the middle hand, which in turn, must be stronger or equal to the front hand. If these conditions are not met, the hand is considered a dead hand, and no units are changed.
TIP: Lay out the cards in ascending order - begin with the weakest in the upper box to the strongest in the lower box.
Fantasy Land
It is a special bonus awarded to the players who have a pair of QUEENS (QQ) or a stronger combination and do not have a dead hand. When a player enters the Fantasy Land, one extra hand is player in the game. 
Players in the Fantasy Land are dealt 14 cards, out of which 1 can be discarded. They set the hand and place each hand face down in the respective spot. 
Players not in the Fantasy Land continue to play the game in the normal Pineapple fashion. The dealer button does not move. 
More than one player can enter the Fantasy Land. In fact all players at a table, can enter the Fantasy Land in the same game.
How to stay in the Fantasy Land
To keep playing in the Fantasy Land, players must have:
·         three of a kind in the upper box (front hand)
·         a full house in the middle box (middle hand)
·         four of a kind in the lower box (back hand)
Action Timeout
All players get the same amount of time to lay out their cards in all boxes. The countdown begins with the first street. So players have to use their time judiciously. The cannot spend more time in one round, or else they will be left with little or no time in the later ones. 
If players run out of time, their cards will be laid out automatically (by the system) in the following way:
·         Cards are laid out as they are dealt, first in the lower box, then in the middle and upper boxes;
·         Beginning from the second street first, 2 dealt cards are laid out, and the third card is discarded.
OFC Pineapple Rules of scoring
The game begins clockwise from the button. Each player compares his/her cards with the adjacent player and earns points/units.
Two players’ individual hands are first compared with each other for scoring, row to row (top against top, middle against middle, and bottom against bottom), with the better hand winning each comparison.
- 1 point is awarded to the winner of each of the three hands.
- 3 bonus points are awrded if a player wins all three hands.
If 2 players have equal combinations in one of the hands, for instance, 2 players have equal Flash combinations in the lower box, none of them get any units.
Players also earn additional bonus points called royalties for certain strong hands:
Bottom Royalties
·         Royal Flush: 25 points
·         Straight Flush: 15 points
·         Four of a Kind: 10 points
·         Full House: 6 points
·         Flush: 4 points
·         Straight: 2 points
·         Middle Royalties
·         Royal Flush: 50 points
·         Straight Flush: 30 points
·         Four of a Kind: 20 points
·         Full House: 12 points
·         Flush: 8 points
·         Straight: 4 points
·         Three of a Kind: 2 points
·         Top Royalties
·         AAA: 22 points
·         KKK: 21 points
·         QQQ: 20 points
·         JJJ: 19 points
·         TTT: 18 points
·         999: 17 points
·         888: 16 points
·         777: 15 points
·         666: 14 points
·         555: 13 points
·         444: 12 points
·         333: 11 points
·         222: 10 points
·         AA: 9 points
·         KK: 8 points
·         QQ: 7 points
·         JJ: 6 points
·         TT: 5 points
·         99: 4 points
·         88: 3 points
·         77: 2 points
·         66: 1 point


The units won and royalties awarded for both players are tallied and offset, and the total points owed are paid.
Another exchange is then scored in the same way, until all players have exchanged with all other players in the hand.
Dead hand
If players do not lay out their hands in the correct order in the boxes, their hands are declared "dead hands". In a dead hand, all hands are considered lesser than the hands of other players. A dead hand does not earn any bonus. In fact, players with a dead hand have to pay bonuses to every opponent and a fine:
- 6 units (1-6 scoring)
- 4 units (2-4 scoring)
If 2 or more players have "dead hadns", these players get 0 units when compared by pairs. 
The cost of 1 unit is defined before the game begins. Like 1 Rupee per unit.
At the end of the game, players get their units summarized. Al units are compaired in pairs and payments are calculated.
The comparison begins with the player to the left of the dealer and moves clockwise. In the end, all players modified stacks are compared.
Sometimes a player can lose his/her entire stack amount to another player and be unable to pay other players.
If at the end of a hand, one player wins the chips of the other players:
·         This hand is considered to be the final hand of the game


·         Rake is collected in this hand