Texas Hold'em


Of all the poker games, Texas Hold'em poker is said to be the most popular and the most entertaining one. It has found a loyal following in casinos, card rooms, television poker games, Texas Hold’em online poker games and even as a party game at homes across the world.

Like most poker games, the main objective in Texas Hold’em is to have the best hand and win the pot. From its name, it is easy to guess Texas Hold’em poker originated in Texas. Robstown in Texas is the place where the game officially started in early 20th century.
The game stayed in Texas until 1967, when it was introduced in Las Vegas. Since then Texas Hold’em Poker has never looked back. Two years later, in 1969, a Texas Hold’em tournament was held in The Dune casino. The tournament saw a lot of high stakes and turned out to be financially rewarding for its winners. Soon, Texas Hold’em poker was incorporated in all the casinos in Vegas and shot to tremendous popularity with World Texas Hold’em tournaments.
But Texas Hold’em poker isn’t all about high stakes and pure luck. Considered a ‘thinking man’s game’, it involves a lot of strategic thinking and reasoning. While in ordinary draw poker, one can swap and bet only twice per hand, in Texas Hold’em poker, one is dealt two cards that play along with up to three of the five that are playable by everyone. Most importantly, there are at least four bets per hand. So a bigger pot.
Several books have been written on how to be a successful Texas Hold’em poker player. Today professional poker tournaments are telecast on television for leaners to pick up nuances of the game.

Texas Hold'em has an emphatic presence in the mainstream. The best part is, one needn’t be a professional or be in a physical casino. Just log in to Poker Ninja and enjoy a good game of Texas Hold’em poker online, from where ever you are.